3 DIY Hair mask recipes for extremely dry hair !

If you are looking for chemical-free ways of taking care of your natural hair, we’ve got you covered! We would recommend you making a natural DIY hair mask for your hair.

Our recommended DIY hair masks can be used as a deep conditioner on a washday. Only focusing on natural ingredients packed with vitamins and nutrients that are extremely beneficial for the hair. To make your DIY hair mask for deep conditioning, take the following steps:

1. Peel and cut the fruits/vegetables (banana, aloe vera plant and avocado) 2. Blend the fruit with a little water until it forms a paste — it should be an even consistency, not too runny or too thick 3. Separate your hair into 4-6 sections 4. Apply the mixture to each section of your hair, especially the root area until all strands are covered

5. Cover your hair with a plastic bag 6. If you have low porosity hair, we recommend applying heat while deep conditioning using a heat cap

7. Let the conditioner sit in your hair for at least 45 minutes or up to 2 hours 8. Rinse it out with warm water, and follow with a quick wash using a shampoo of your choice

9. moisturise and style as usual

Here are some of our favourite DIY hair mask recipes for hair growth, thickness, and overall hair health. They should be prepared using the steps stated above:

1. Banana and Honey Hair Mask 1 Banana 1 tbsp Honey

½ cup Vitamin E Oil 2. Banana & Greek Yoghurt Hair Mask 1 Banana ¼ cup Aloe Vera gel

½ cup Greek Yoghurt ½ cup cold pressed Coconut Oil (melted) 3. Banana and Avocado protein Hair Mask ½ Banana ½ Avocado

Small tin coconut milk ¼ cup jojoba Oil

1 egg

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