How to grow your beard the right way!

We hear it all the time: “My beard won’t grow”.

Well trust us, it will. Here are 4 beard care tips for the modern man. Follow these simple rules and you’ll be rocking your dream beard in no time.

1. Exercise some patience

On average your beard grows about half an inch per month. Remember factors such as genetics and that not all parts of your beard grow at the same rate will affect how fast or slow your beard grows. So, some areas will be fuller, whilst others may appear patchy.

At this point, some men give up, thinking they do not have the genetics to grow a full beard. In your twenties and still have a patchy beard? Not to worry, you have yet to reach your full beard potential as men’s beards continue to develop into their 30s. Regardless of age, we encourage guys to be patient with their beards.

2. Letting your beard go wild

Make sure to trim your beard. As previously mentioned, different parts of your beard grow at different rates so it is important to trim down your beard to reduce the appearance of a patchy beard. It is easy to trim your beard at an early stage, get a clipper and go! Just make sure you get the same length all around.

3. Be mindful of how much or how little you wash your beard

Washing your beard is important, make sure to wash your beard with a specialised beard cleanser, but avoid over-washing your beard. We recommend washing your beard at least twice a week, this prevents your beard from becoming overly dry. This is of course dependent on your situation. If you sweat a lot, you might just need to wash your beard every day to maintain proper hygiene, if this is the case, make sure to juice a good beard oil or beard butter to help keep your beard moisturised.

4. Letting your beard go thirsty

A lot of beard-related problems stem from the lack of hydration. Our beard butter was specifically designed for this very purpose. Although beards oils are wonderful for softening longer beards, a specially designed moisturiser helps treat skin conditions.

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